the 4 best solar panel cleaning solutions


Solar panels are a great representation of working with Mother Nature to create a more sustainable and livable environment. By creating clean energy from the sun, solar panels have the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the reliability of fossil fuels.

But do solar panels need cleaning? While this system may seem fairly low maintenance, it’s still important to prioritize a cleaning schedule. This is the easiest way to ensure your solar panels are working as designed because built up dirt, dust, and debris can impact the efficiency of the system and make it work harder than it needs to.

Not sure what cleaning solution for solar panels to consider? Here are a few options:

Rinse with a low pressure washer

Too much water pressure can scratch and damage your panels, so it’s important to go in with a hose or a low pressure system. Sometimes, a quick rinse is all you need to make your solar panels sparkle, especially if you’re just dealing with a layer of dust and dirt.

Wash with soapy water

If you need a more thorough clean, you still need to avoid high pressure water. Mix a solution of water and mild soap to cleanse the panels and avoid chemical damage. Use a gentle scrubber to wash the panels, then perform a gentle rinse. Remove excess water with a squeegee and the sun will finish the job.

Get them serviced

Cleaning your solar panels may be intimidating at first, so we recommend getting them professionally cleaned with less hastle. A trusted company will have the right solar panel cleaning equipment to ensure a spotless clean without damaging your system,

Consider a hydrophobic coating

It can be difficult to keep up with solar panel maintenance – between rainwater stains, bird droppings, and constant exposure to dust and dirt, it can feel like you’re always cleaning the panels. With EziCleen Solar EziCleen/Diamon-Fusion® , you gain another layer of protection that can keep your solar panels cleaner for a longer period of time.

This ultra-thin, invisible barrier not only makes your solar panels shine, but it also increases the energy output and overall performance of the system. When sunlight doesn’t have to pass through a layer of debris, your panels can work as intended.


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