Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

We receive a lot of questions about our products and services. In fact, we always strive to be upfront and provide you with as much information as needed to make informed decisions. At EziCleen customer satisfaction is everything, our products have patent protection and we have been around helping Australians since 2005. Browse our F.A.Q for your question, if you can’t find an answer please send us your enquiry directly.

Products & Services

Can the EziCleen Advanced Surface Treatment be applied to tiles that have already been sealed with another product?2023-08-21T09:40:21+10:00

No. EziCleen’s Advanced Surface Treatment needs to be applied to untreated tiles in order to properly bond with the surface of the tile.

Can you apply the Ezicleen Treatment to my toilet bowls?2024-01-15T08:35:03+10:00

Yes.  The toilet bowl will stay more hygienic for longer and be much easier to keep clean!

Can the coating be applied to exterior glass surfaces?2023-08-21T09:39:00+10:00

Yes. The coating is UV stable. It will not break down under exposure to the elements.

How long will the shower glass and tile surface coating last?2023-08-21T09:38:24+10:00

EziCleen’s Advanced Surface Treatments are guaranteed for the lifetime of the glass, as long as the basic maintenance instructions are followed.

Will the surface ever become patchy?2023-08-21T09:37:53+10:00

No. The coating is transparent and is only a few nanometres thick. It does not change the appearance of the surface. If the surface is damaged due to abrasive cleaners or scratching, that damaged area will become harder to clean. The unprotected surface can easily be repaired by cleaning and re-spraying the affected area. The new molecules will bond directly to the untreated area without affecting the already treated surface.

Will the coating gradually wash off over time?2023-08-21T09:37:19+10:00

No. EziCleen’s Advanced Surface Treatment operates at a molecular level attaching itself permanently to the surface.

Will the coating crack, peel or discolour over time?2023-08-21T09:36:36+10:00

No. The coating is invisible and only a few nanometres thick. It does not behave like a lacquer or varnish. Rather, it attaches itself to the surface at a molecular level.

Is the coating teflon based?2023-08-21T07:54:13+10:00

No. Unlike teflon and siloxane impregnators that can wear off over time our coatings use nano-technology attaching to the surface at a molecular level.

The Process

What aftersales support do you offer?2023-08-21T09:33:16+10:00

Besides our lifetime warranty on our glass treatment, all our applicators are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have at any time.

How long do we have to wait after an application2023-08-21T09:32:49+10:00

Our glass surface treatment has zero cure time, you can enjoy a wonderful shower as soon as we have completed the treatment.

How long does it take to perform an application?2023-08-21T09:32:19+10:00

That will depend on the scope of work involved, for example the treatment of an average shower screen can be completed in under an hour.

Are you able to come to our home over the weekend?2023-08-21T09:30:32+10:00

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, however Ezicleen applicators will try and assist our customers out of business hours when needed.

Can I get a quote over the phone?2023-08-21T09:47:53+10:00

Yes you can, our friendly consultant will only be to happy to assist.

Care & Maintenance

How often should I clean my shower screen?2023-08-21T09:18:48+10:00

That will depend a lot on the water quality in your area. To keep your shower looking clean, shiny and stain free we recommend that follow the maintenance instructions as per our warranty.

What is the best way to clean my shower screen once it has been treated?2023-08-21T09:34:25+10:00

It is not necessary to use harsh cleansers or toxic chemicals to maintain the pristine appearance of your treated glass or tiles. There are several simple environmentally friendly methods that you can use. Clean the surface using water mixed with a mild detergent and a damp microfiber cloth. You may prefer to use a vinegar and water mix or ammonia free window cleaner.

Will detergents damage or remove the coating?2023-08-21T09:47:20+10:00

No. We recommend using liquid detergents as they will not damage the coating. We do not recommend using rough, gritty or abrasive cleaners as it could remove molecules of glass resulting in scratching.

Can I apply Ezicleen’s Advanced Surface treatment to my old shower screens?2023-08-21T09:35:40+10:00

Yes. If the screen is not heavily stained, a surface treatment will prevent further staining and make it easier to keep clean. If your glass is badly stained, we recommend requesting our glass restoration treatment followed by our once only surface treatment to protect your glass permanently.

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Got more questions?

If you can’t find your question here or want us to elaborate further on an issue that matters to you, feel free to contact our customer support. Alternatively, if you have submitted a quote request and have been contacted by your local applicator we suggest that you contact them directly for more specific assistance. Thank you

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