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Solar Panel Protection

The number one concern among solar panel owners is how to maintain their new investment to ensure it operates efficiently. Dirt on solar panels blocks sunlight and UV rays, diminishing the electrical output.

Ezicleen Solar Panel coating will keep the panels cleaner for longer, while making the cleaning easier when it needs to be done. Ezicleen solar panel treatment also make the panels impact and scratch resistant. As a result, solar panel owners whose panels are treated with Ezicleen experience increased efficiency from having cleaner panels, along with the protection from damage that can occur from blowing debris, such as branches or hailstorms. You will need to clean less and enjoy the peace of mind that your investment has a reduced risk of costly damage.

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer lifetime warranty

  • Environmentally friendly products

  • We keep supporting you year after year

  • Our product is patent protected

  • We offer satisfaction guarantee

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  • Over 15 years in the industry

  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia

Our Solar Panel Coating Will ….


Extend the life of your Solar Panels

Ezicleen treated solar panels are 10 times more impact and scratch resistant compared to untreated panels, thus reducing the risk of costly environmental damage.


Reduce Maintenance

After investing thousands of dollars on your solar panel installation, you now have to maintain them to maximise your ROI. Ezicleen treated solar panels stay cleaner for longer and require up to 90% less cleaning time and effort.

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Peace of Mind

Ezicleen treated solar panels are 10 times tougher than untreated panels and less likely to sustain damage from flying debris or hailstorms. The reduced risk of replacement or damage means peace of mind for solar owners.