EziCleen Treatment will Prevent future staining and Reduce your Cleaning Time

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Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrade Protective Coating

Glass pool fencing and balustrade has never been more popular, it creates a feeling of openness and allows unobstructed views. Of course you want to protect your investment and keep it looking like the day you installed it.

The Ezicleen Advanced Surface Protection treatment gives a permanent protective coating to your glass pool fencing or balustrade. Our coating is a once only application and is all you need to keep your glass fencing and balustrade looking new day by day. The Ezicleen glass protection coating will repel water and dirt in order to maintain the unobstructed view. Following your Ezicleen treatment the glass will be 20% more brilliant, scratch and chip resistant and up to 90% easier and quicker to clean. Most of our applications come with a lifetime guarantee.

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer lifetime warranty

  • Environmentally friendly products

  • We keep supporting you year after year

  • Our product is patent protected

  • We offer satisfaction guarantee

  • Friendly phone & email support

  • Over 15 years in the industry

  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia

Our Glass Fence or Balustrade Treatment Will…

Pool Fencing Glass Wall Protection

Prolong your glass life

Glass is porous. Over time unwanted mineral contaminants collect on and penetrate its surface giving it a foggy and stained appearance. Our nano surface protection will prolong the life your glass and keep it looking brilliant for many years to follow.

Clean Glass Before and After

Increase visibility

Let’s not forget why we installed glass pool fencing or balustrade in the first place, to enjoy the unobstructed view. Our once only application will leave your glass surface 20% more brilliant and 10 times more scratch and chip resistant.

Glass Pool Fencing Protection

Reduce cleaning time

The Ezicleen application is both hydrophobic and olio-phobic (it repels water and oil) and makes it harder for particles to stick to the glass surface. Because of this unique protective layer, you can expect your cleaning time and effort to be reduced to up to 90 %.