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Paving Sealer

EziCleen Paving and Stone sealers are designed for most engineered and natural stone surfaces. Our unique water-based sealers do not affect the natural appearance of your pavers or the slip code rating, whilst giving superior protection against all those accidental spills while you are enjoying your outdoor entertaining.

Our superior water-based penetrating sealers work perfectly for most stone or paving surfaces around the house, it’s the perfect solution for around pool areas, our water based penetrating sealer is not slippery when wet. It’s also ideal for BBQ areas, our sealers are superior oil and fat repellents. Ezicleen have a sealer for almost every type of paver, Bluestone, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Brick, Concrete, Terrazzo and many more.

Our water based sealers are environmental friendly and once applied, the pavers will look and feel exactly as they did before the sealing process. Once treated your pavers will have superior protection against efflorescence, mould, mildew, algae and will be up to 90% easier to maintain and clean.

We can say with confidence it is the most effective water-based product available. Our up to 15- year warranty guarantees it!

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer up to a 15 year warranty

  • Environmentally friendly products

  • We keep supporting you year after year

  • We offer satisfaction guarantee

  • Friendly phone & email support

  • Over 15 years in the industry

  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia

Our Outdoor Paving Treatment Will …

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Enhance your outdoor area

No more old and tired looking paving, our treatment will rejuvenate and protect your outdoor paving for years to come. Your outdoor area will look stunning again and stay like that with minimal maintenance.

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Give you more time to relax

Why spend all your time cleaning and maintaining your outside entertainment area? After our Ezicleen treatment you will have more time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Balustrade Pool Fencing

Protect your investment

Australians love to spend time in the backyard, we invest considerable dollars beautifying our outdoor areas. One Ezicleen treatment will prolong the life of your paved surface. Now, that’s what we call protecting your investment for the future!