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Transparent and ultra-thin, Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® is a protective coating that chemically bonds to the glass creating an environmentally safe, protective barrier that works round-the-clock to keep shower glass cleaner for longer and inhibits the growth of harmful microbes.


Shower glass treated with Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® protects the glass and reduces the presence of harmful contaminants. Any microbes that remain on the glass can easily be washed away.


Give your hotel patrons and homeowners continuous peace of mind by adding an extra layer of cleanliness to your shower glass. Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® works on virtually any type of glass.


Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® permanently bonds to the glass and continuously helps protect the glass against the build up of mould and mildew. The coating is also backed by a lifetime warranty.


Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® helps promote a more hygienic environment by eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners and addressing water buildup to lessen bacterial growth.


Glass is a naturally porous substrate, which makes it possible for water contaminants and environmental pollutants such as dirt, dust, and debris to penetrate the surface.

Our water supply can contain a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When water dries on its own (evaporates), these minerals get left behind, forming those hard water or limescale deposits that create a cloudy appearance on the glass Overtime, these contaminants will end up damaging the surface. Diamon-Fusion® is a two-step coating process that fills in the peaks and valleys of the glass, creating an ultra-thin barrier that protects the surface from stains and corrosion.

To learn more about the benefits and technology behind how Diamon-Fusion® works, download our technical datasheet.

  • Interlinked nanocoating – chemically bonds with glass

  • Hydrophobic (water-repellent) – easier to clean

  • Oleophobic (oil repellent) – easier to clean

  • Adds brilliance – 20% increase from untreated glass

  • Scratch resistant – prevents abrasions and scuffs

  • Chemically inert – environmentally safe

  • No cure time – glass can immediately be handled

  • 100% optically clear – transparent nanocoating

  • Anti-corrosion – protects against heat and humidity

  • Coating thickness – < 40nm (nanometers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there manufacturer care instructions for cleaning the glass?2023-08-25T06:27:42+00:00

For best results, we recommend rinsing the shower enclosure with clean water and wipe down any remaining droplets. You may also towel dry the surface or use a squeegee. Once a month, we also recommend wetting the shower enclosure and using a nylon body puff to go over the surface until clean and smooth. Then rinse and wipe down any remaining droplets.

Can the Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® coating be washed away?2023-08-25T06:30:53+00:00

Absolutely not! Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® permanently bonds to the glass, so the coating cannot be washed away. As long as no abrasive cleaners or alkali products are used to clean the glass, the Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® coating will continue to help reduce the buildup of microbes.

How long does Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® last on shower doors?2023-08-25T06:31:25+00:00

Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® is an industry-trusted protective coating backed with a lifetime warranty on shower glass, as long as the basic manufacturer care recommendations are followed. The glass coating is guaranteed to remain more water repellent than an untreated surface for the lifetime of the glass.

How much does it cost to get Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® applied to my shower doors?2023-08-25T06:32:00+00:00

Prices are determined by Ezicleen resellers according to their own business strategies and market segments. Although prices do vary depending on geographical areas and markets, Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® has proven to provide the best combination of price and performance of any protective coating available on the market today.

Where can I purchase Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® for my shower doors?2023-08-25T06:33:30+00:00

Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® is available through a network of Certified Ezicleen Diamon-Fusion® Licensees who are professionally trained and equipped to protect your glass investments. Please check out our Online Licensee Locator opposite to find an Applicator in your area.

For more information about EziCleen-Diamon-Fusion® hygienic shower glass, please download our brochure below

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