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Windscreen Protection

A clear visibility when driving is a key factor in avoiding accidents. EziCleen-Diamon-Fusion® windscreen protection will help you with exactly that. Our unique car windscreen coating is an invisible anti-stick and anti-corrosive protection shield. Water and oil simply form into beads that run off the windscreen. A once only application will make your windscreen clearer and easier to clean in the future.

EziCleen-Diamon-Fusion® windscreen protection is a Scientifically Proven Safety Feature for your vehicle. University and military studies prove that Ezicleen-Diamon-Fusion® reduces the amount of damage a windscreen experiences from flying debris . This is important because a damaged windscreen can compromise the safety of your vehicle in several ways. Preventing that damage from occurring by having your windscreen treated with Ezicleen will improve the safety of you and your passengers and will reduce the likelihood that you will have to endure the costly, time and hassles of replacing or repairing your windscreen.

When it starts to rain, dirt and dead insects – which can smear and obscure your vision – are easily swept away with the windscreen wipers. In heavy rain, the water simply turns into droplets that are blown away by the air stream. The dangerous blurring and blending of on-coming traffic in rain is greatly reduced, or totally eliminated. The coating also results in quick and easy de-icing during colder months, protects against glass corrosion, acid rain and does not harm adjoining surfaces.

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Our windshield treatment will ….

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Improve vision

University and military studies have shown wet weather vision and night vision is improved by 35%. Improved vision leads to several benefits such as improved reaction time for drivers. This could mean significantly improving your stopping time in wet weather.

EziCleen Windscreen

Last for a long time

The EziCleen windscreen treatment is long lasting, up to 30,000klm or up to two years in use. Can be topped up with Ezicleen-Diamon-Fusion® Glass Surface Revitaliser.

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Protect windscreens against stone chips

The EziCleen windscreen coating not only improves visibility for the drivers, it is also chip and scratch resistant and helps protect your car windscreen against sudden stone chips thrown up by other vehicles.