The pulsating numbers of COVID-19 around the globe has made people extra cautious of cleanliness. Simple practices like washing hands frequently, sanitizing surfaces, maintaining distance from others can keep the virus at bay. Besides maintaining overall personal hygiene, cleanliness inside our homes is equally important. The virus can cling onto a surface and last quite a long time. Thus, surface cleaning is essential for a wholesome regime to kill all germs on the surface.

High Touch Surfaces

High touch surfaces are those which we frequently touch with our bare hands and is most likely to be a haven for germ growth and spread. High touch surfaces include door handles, tables, chairs, handrails, taps, light switches, remote controls, locks, keys, and mobile phones. These surfaces need to be wiped and disinfected to prevent the spread of the virus through touch.

Use soap and water to first clean the surface. Then sanitize the surface using an alcohol-based disinfectant. Ensure the disinfectant is not wiped off completely and stays on the surface to effectively kill germs. Read the directions of usage of the sanitizing products before using it on sensitive objects like mobile phones and electronic gadgets. Use alcohol-based wipes for more delicate surfaces if required.

Larger Surfaces

There are larger surfaces which cannot be cleaned using wipes and sprays. Tiles, granite surfaces, kitchen tops and shower screens require your attention since these are often overlooked. In fact, these are the surfaces we are always in contact with when at home. However, these are the surfaces that are not cleaned as frequently. In order to fully reinforce yourself and your family against coronavirus, it is advised not to ignore these surfaces.

Germs can invade any remote and exposed surface owing to neglect and get contaminated with a host of microbes. Use disinfecting soaps/concentrates and water to clean the surface. Soap and water are extremely effective and a viable option for regular surface cleaning.
For sanitization purpose, use surface appropriate disinfectant or disinfectant spray as these are no-hassle products.

Alternatively you can also use diluted household bleach. Thoroughly read the instructions before using it. Ensure if it is appropriate for the surface to be cleaned. The bleach is effective against germs if sodium hypochlorite concentration is 5%-6%. Mix the bleach with water at room temperature. Never mix bleach with any other material or chemical.

You can also prepare your own homemade bleach disinfectant. Add 4-5 teaspoons of household bleach to 1 litre of water at room temperature. Transfer this solution to a spray bottle and shake it. Spray this solution on surfaces, but do not wipe it immediately. Wipe only after 10 minutes of spraying and then wipe it using a damp cloth.

Handle bleach with caution. Use only in a well-ventilated area, and always wear protective gloves.

Some surfaces may have protection coating as well. Surface protection coating makes the surface easier to wipe and prevents stubborn stains and damage. Make sure that you use the appropriate disinfectant so that the surface protection coating is not corroded or damaged in the process.

With increased health risks, you need to practice thorough surface cleaning regularly and frequently. This can take up hours from your daily routine and leave you exhausted. To bar yourself from such enervation without compromising on the health of your family, avail the dependable services of EziCleen.

EziCleen Surface Protection reduces the time and effort required to clean the surfaces by up to 90%.

Many cleaning and disinfecting products use chemicals which are corrosive to the surface. It is quintessential to use the correct surface protection coating like EziCleen protection coatings. It significantly diminishes the need to clean and eliminates the need to use strong chemicals.

EziCleen will take care your external and internal surfaces while yielding consistent impressive results. EziCleen employs treatments which are surface friendly and enviro safe.


EziCleen offers solutions for glass shower screen protection, glass balustrade and pool fencing, tiles, granite bench tops and exterior stone protection which make for daunting cleaning tasks.
Cleaning and disinfecting glass surfaces require a lot of effort.

EziCleen also uses the best methods for glass restoration and delicately removes stubborn stains.

EziCleen does not only give desired results and lighten your newfound cleaning regime but will also pave the way for a healthier living environment. EziCleen stands true to its motto-

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