Solar panels absorb sun rays as a primary source of energy for generating heat or electricity. It allows particles of light, or photons, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. To maximize the energy output, a solar panel must be installed where the panels will be exposed to most sunlight. Ideal location would be roof top; however, the panels can also be installed on the ground.

Solar Panels are exposed to dust, rain, smoke and atmospheric pollutants. The accumulated dust particles block the incoming sun light. Bird droppings, fallen leaves, pollen and dust impede the sunlight from reaching the solar cells in the panels. The grime on the surface of solar panels eventually hampers the performance and efficiency. If ignored for a long time, dirty solar panels will significantly lower the energy production. Especially for people living in heavily polluted areas, the high level of pollution poses greater hindrance to an efficacious functionality of the solar panels.

Solar panels are efficient, but expensive source of clean energy. Lack of maintenance may result into lower efficiency and reduced functionality. Therefore, solar panel cleaning at regular intervals is imperative.

Surface cleaning for solar panel protection must be carried out with caution. Below are the important points that one must keep in mind while cleaning the solar panels:

Read the user manual

It is strongly advised to get familiar with the design of your solar panel and the materials used in it before you start cleaning. Give the user manual a thorough read. Cleaning instructions for solar panels may be standard but differ slightly depending upon the make and build. Check if there are specific instructions on cleaning for your model. When ill-suited cleaning products come in contact with the surface of the solar panel, it may cause some damage to the panels.

Cleaning the glass

The general understanding is that the surface cleaning and protection of solar panels require the same care as normal day-to-day surface cleaning. Often, they resort to cleaning the glass coating of the solar panels with soap and detergent. However, soap may actually not be useful in cleaning the panel surface. The soap may leave a thin film of residue behind which easily catches dust particles. Instead of cleaning the solar panels, you may end up diminishing their performance in the longer run by using soap.

In order to avoid this, choose a competent cleaning product that is neither too harsh on the surface and nor leads to building up of scum. EziCleen Surface Protection employs the best cleaning techniques for your solar panels. It uses cleaning agents suitable for the specific type of glass used in the solar panel.

Moving beyond water and soap

If you live in a high traffic zone; smoke, smog and oil-based pollutants are a persistent nuisance to your health as well the performance of your solar panels. Suspended particles in smoke and smog and vaporized oil particles easily cling to the surface of the solar panels and obstruct the sunlight. Besides, the panels will quickly get blackened in the polluted atmosphere. Scrubbing the solar panels is not a wise option here. Avoid using water and soap to clean the panels. EziCleen uses the best cleaning strategy to remove the stubborn and sticky film of pollutants and grime. The cleaning services of EziCleen Surface Protection ensures that the solar panel regains its original quality and makes the panels look new.

Solar panel surface protection coating

The nano glass coating on the surface makes the solar panels more efficient. It is essential that you choose the best quality protection coating for an enhanced performance. EziCleen Solar Panel Protection coating is resistant to harsh and fluctuating weather. Its hydrophobic effect keeps away pollutants and dust from accumulating on the surface. EziCleen Solar Panel surface protection coating preserves the quality of the panels while reinforcing the solar panels against the damage from blowing debris, stones, frost, and hailstorms. The weather and scratch resistant coatings add to the performance of your solar panels.


Solar Panels are expensive but rewarding investment for you. To make sure that your investment produces value for money, assure its maintenance and longevity by availing EziCleen Surface Protection.

EziCleen Solar Panel Protection Application reduces the need for frequent cleaning up to 90%.

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