maintaining the beauty of your shop front

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What part of your business premises do your customers see first? And the most often? Your glass entrance doors. Of all the glass in shopfronts and commercial buildings, what takes the most abuse? Your glass entrance doors. With the daily deliveries, keys, rings and purses, graffiti, fingerprints and daily wear and tear.

Ezicleen surface treatment makes glass surfaces (i.e. windows, storefront, glass walls, splashbacks, entrance doors) impact and scratch resistant and easier to clean, so your investment in a quality surface treatment can help your buildings perform better and maintain their original beauty for longer. The treatment will also resist graffiti, be it paint, acid etching or “scratchitti”, so discourages taggers from tarnishing that first impression and scaring customers away.

Protecting your glass will ensure longevity and reduce maintenance costs and frequency of cleanings. A quality treatment will also enhance the appearance of your shopfront, entrance doors or the entire building.

These days everybody’s looking for ways to reduce costs. Ezicleen accomplishes that as well by reducing the number of required cleaning cycles by up to 70%. If you’re a building owner that means one less time the window cleaners need to be paid. If you’re a window cleaner, that means that when you do clean, the job will go much faster and the windows will be even cleaner, leaving you more time to service more customers. It doesn’t get much better that a quicker, cheaper, better job.

Do You Want To Restore Your Damaged Glass to Look Like New Again?

As a multi-billion dollar athletic apparel manufacturer discovered, no matter how hard your maintenance team tries, it can be impossible to remove some stains from building glass. Or so they thought. Glass restoration services saved this manufacturer and its shareholders hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to replace the thousands of square meters of glass on their campus.

Glass restoration can bring windows back to their original beauty. Glass restoration is the Green alternative to glass replacement. Imagine the thousands of square metres of glass being dumped and choking our landfills.

Once the glass is restored to its new condition and the surface treatment is applied your building/business is now even greener, as Ezicleen treated glass reduces required cleanings, conserving water and eliminating the cleaning chemicals that would be washed into our rivers, lakes and oceans. Ezicleen hydrophobic coating protects your building investment which can result in the following benefits. Protection from water, scratching and other environmental damage, less frequent and easier cleaning, graffiti protection, no need for harsh chemical cleaners, prevents post construction damage.

Protect your first impression, enhance your property aesthetics and value, and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and even replacement costs to your building or shopfront.

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