how to clean your shower screen

What’s the best way to clean soap scum and remove hard water staining from your existing shower screen?

Glass Shower screens are a part of just about every household now days, and like most other surfaces around the house, add to the list of things to clean on a regular basis. Whether we like it or not cleaning our showers is a must to prevent a mould, mildew ridden and unhygienic internal area within our shower, but it doesn’t have to be as daunting as some may make it out to be.

Sure, some obvious cleaners which are packed with bleach or other acidic or alkaline chemicals can be quick fire way to clean off any soap scum or surface build up your glass may have, but I can assure you that in the long run you are destroying your glass by damaging the silica which can lead to distortion and discolouration. Cleaning anything transparent with acid or bleach long term is never going to end in a positive result.

Removing soap scum can be achieved easily and affordably while at the same time protecting the environment which is something we can all agree upon in modern times needs more care. The following products are a few affordable options which most already have in their cupboards at home.

White Vinegar & Water

Mix one-part vinegar and 4 parts water into a spray bottle and simply spray onto the glass and wipe over with a microfiber cloth. You may also use a white scouring pad or a nylon puff with the solution if you are finding a few spots difficult to wipe off. (be careful if you have marble, travertine or limestone tiles, the vinegar can etch the surface)

Chux Magic Erasers

These are typically easy to use as you only need a wet surface and some elbow grease to effectively cut through any soap scum on the surface of your glass and tiles.

Methylated Spirit & Water

Much like vinegar and water, this is an effective solution when wiped over with a microfiber cloth. A White scouring or nylon puff can be used if build up is too thick to cut through with a cloth. This is also I great weekly solution to clean all your glass and tiles, as it will evaporate as you buff the surface clean leaving a streak less finish.

Morning Fresh & Water

Our preferred cleaning solution for all EziCleen Protected coated surfaces. Being PH neutral means, it is safe to use on all surfaces including ANY MARBLE, TRAVERTINE OR LIMESTONE around the house and will not affect any existing Nano coatings. The morning fresh cuts through any surface grease leaving the glass sparkling and leaves the bathroom smelling fresh.

Finding it impossible to get your shower screen completely clean and free of all those nasty water spots? This is when it’s important to recognise the difference between soap scum, and hard water staining. Soap scum is generally built up on the surface of your glass where as hard water staining is mineral content which has penetrated through the pours in your glass and has become trapped inside the glass, making it seemingly impossible to remove.

Why spend thousands replacing your glass and tiles? EziCleen can remove up to 95% of hard water staining trapped in your existing glass and tiles in a matter of hours without removing any parts of the shower frame, glass or internal shelves. After restoring the surface, EziCleen’s Diamon-Fusion® coating which is backed by a lifetime guarantee, can be applied to the restored surfaces to prevent that hard water staining from ever happening again, while eliminating the need to use harsh and dangerous chemicals, EVER AGAIN! With EziCleen you will never need to scrub your shower glass and tiles again while reducing your cleaning time by up to 90%. All work is done on site and by a licenced applicator. Unable to bend, kneel or lean? Sore muscles and joints?


Make EziCleen your choice today to make your life easier tomorrow!

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