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This technology is used on everything from the windows on skyscrapers to shower doors and car windshields. Anywhere that you don’t want water to remain and leave stains, including hard-water stains, soap scum, and so much more, is a great place to use hydrophobic coating technology.

And these technologies are not just hydrophobic (a duck’s back is hydrophobic), but they are super hydrophobic – actively repelling the water molecules that try to adhere to the surfaces. These super hydrophobic coatings are revolutionizing the way that glass is used on structures and vehicles and will soon be the world’s standard.

Hydrophobic Coating for Glass


With hydrophobic shower doors, the water beads off the glass instead of sticking to the surface, allowing it to run down, which helps avoid leaving mineral deposits and soap scum. The surface energy of the glass is such that it simply won’t allow the water to remain – this is what we refer to as a super hydrophobic coating.

When coating solutions have been applied to shower doors and windows, you’ll find that harsh chemical glass cleaners are much less needed as the glass can easily be cleaned with water and a microfiber towel.


Once you’ve driven through the rain in a car with hydrophobic glass treatment, you will never go back. The best hydrophobic windshield coatings make the water simply stream away from the windows giving you increased visibility on your windshield glass. The windshield wipers won’t have to work as hard and, when they are working, they will not leave streaks and residue because your windshield treatment has created a hydrophobic (water-repellent) surface.

You’ll soon find that all you need to clean your windshield is a microfiber cloth for a bit of a polish, as the rain-repellent coating has parted the waters and left you with an immaculately clean windshield.


In addition to this hydrophobic coating, EziCleen® is UV-resistant, suitable for nearly all types of glass like pool fencing and best of all, it’s eco-friendly. That’s partly because the coating itself isn’t toxic, but also because you don’t need any so many stringent chemical cleaners that inevitably pour down the drain.

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